Add a customized seller book to your listing presentation

Stop carting buyers all over town and start taking more listings. When you list, you last!

Aren’t all Listing Agents the Same? 

Sure they are, if they’re all doing the same thing. If you hope to stand out from the crowd, you need to do something different.

And how do I do that?
And how do I do that?

Take a concept that already works in the real world and put it into action in your real estate business so that you can experience similar results.

Authoring a Book Gives you Instant Credibility!
Authoring a Book Gives you Instant Credibility!

This 105-page book is all you need to establish yourself as the go-to real estate expert in your market, generating qualified listing leads that come to you.

Want to grow your real estate business and improve your status as THE local real estate industry expert?
Want to grow your real estate business and improve your status as THE local real estate industry expert?

Professionally written and loaded with valuable content our Homeowner’s Guide to Selling will set you apart from every other listing agent in town.




An author of a book is presumed to be an expert on the topic. Since your name will be on and in this real estate book YOU get the credibility. YOU are the expert.


Imagine your next listing presentation when, instead of leaving the homeowners with a business card, you leave them with a book full of valuable information, authored by YOU.


Set yourself apart from the competition and let prospects know that you’re the local expert!

  • The Book of your Choice – Professionally published soft bound lead-generating book. Unlike other publishers, our books not only feature you on the cover as the author, but they are customized to YOUR market, using YOUR branding.

  • Exclusivity – This book will only be released to one agent per association, nationwide. You won’t have to worry that your competition will be handing out the same book as you.


This slick and professionally-published soft-covered book, CUSTOMIZED TO YOUR MARKET, sets you apart from every other agent in town and gives you instant credibility and authority.


The book builds trust and respect and motivate homeowners to hang on to it. Sure, they’ll readily throw away a business card and even a calendar. But throw away a book? Not on your life!


Our books are written by a professional, national real estate journalist. A former agent, she has a decade of real estate listing and sales under her belt and she is a staff writer for several national real estate brands.


She knows what your clients want to know. She understands the nuances of selling a home quickly and for top dollar. Best of all, as a journalist, she explains the concepts in plain English – there will be no insider jargon within the pages of YOUR book.

You get:

  • Exclusivity to the market you serve

  • Front and back cover include your branding and photo

  • Interior of the book is customized to your market

  • Publishing and delivery of your first 125 copies

Because this book is ghost-written, you’ll not find testimonials from other agents here, but feel free to request them. Our clients will happily tell you how their books are working for them.

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