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Sometimes it feels like – somebody’s watchin’ me

And, in real estate, it may not be paranoia

Sure, Lily was upset that for the entirety of the open house only one party showed up. The home had only been listed days before and, with the inventory as tight as it is in Vegas, she rightfully assumed that her home would see lots of traffic. One party showed up.


Her listing agent pawned the open house off onto another agent who brought in a mortgage guy. What a team!

The agent complained to the sole buyer that visited that there wasn’t sufficient marketing of the open house. He mentioned that he usually brings champagne and strawberries but hadn’t had time to prepare. Really, he should’ve handed out t-shirts that read:

“Some listing agent didn’t advertise this open house so all I got was this lousy pad of branded paper and a bottle of water”

During the conversation with the lone open house participant, the mortgage fool decided to pipe up, directing the potential buyer to the “new builds down the street, because they’re offering 4 percent to 5 percent rebates.”

Imagine watching and listening remotely to this conversation about your house, your investment, between those charged with helping you sell it and a potential buyer.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Did the listing agent do anything wrong?

Not really. Sure, he shouldn’t have scheduled the open house on Labor Day weekend and he should have put more thought into planning it. But we all know that having another agent hold a home open is common. Even a mortgage or title company rep tagging along happens all the time.

I would hope that the listing agent would be more careful about whom he sends to represent him, however. Dissing the guy who hands you an open house is not only bad form but rather odd. What possessed the guy to complain to a potential buyer?

That mortgage guy, though

What the mortgage rep did was reprehensible. I’ve tried to find out what, if any, connection he has to “the new builds down the street,” but have yet to find one. I do plan on visiting them this weekend, though to see what I can dig up.

The guy has no business being anywhere near an open house. Directing a potential buyer to other homes is sleazy but luring them with the rebates was even worse. Neither party acted in the best interest of the homeowner, which is really sad and ethically reprehensible.

Stupidly, they even talked about the security system

How do I know what was said at Lily's open house? Lily told me.

How did SHE know? Lily has a state-of-the-art home video security system – with sound. Which is how she knows about what happened on that Sunday afternoon, Labor Day weekend.

From work, she watched the entire episode

So, how did the listing agent react when she confronted him with what she saw and heard? He didn’t. He truly couldn’t have cared less. He even justified the mortgage rep’s remarks telling Lily “I told you the new builds would be competition.”

Well, yes, he did inform her of that. But he didn’t tell her that his brokerage would be using her home to steer buyers to them.

She fired him.

And, she hired another listing agent. With no price change, the traffic to the home increased exponentially with the new listing agent. Within four days of being listed with him, Lily had THREE offers on the home and is now in escrow with a backup offer just in case.

(By the way, if you need to find a referral agent here  in Vegas, you can't go wrong with this guy - Ehren Alessi with Resolution Realty. A true pro).

I almost forgot about the reason for this post

Security systems in homes for sale.

Sure, there are laws about recording another party’s conversations, but Lily wasn’t aware of them. So, she listened to everything. In fact, eavesdropping on showings, she found out how much one of the buyers said he'd offer, if he decided to submit an offer.

She knew that one party mentioned asking Lily to pay for certain repairs. She learned that her home wasn’t suitable for small children (because of the way it is set up). She also learned that she is an impeccable housekeeper.

Even if you aren’t sure if the home is monitored, please treat it as if it is and ask your clients to do the same.

Say nothing that you wouldn’t want the homeowner to hear


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