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Real Estate Marketing Tip: Don't Be Boring

So, as a result of your activity on a popular real estate blog, you are offered the opportunity to write a guest post on a national real estate website. Wow -- that’s quite the opportunity to market yourself and your business!

How will you approach this opportunity? What I mean by that is: will you think carefully about your post or will you just slap something together at the last minute?

I can tell you, from my experience vetting these guest posts, most agents choose the latter, blowing a wonderful marketing opportunity to shreds.

Why? Is it that you don’t understand the value of the virtual real estate you’ve been offered?

Are you too busy to adequately take advantage of free, national marketing?

Suppose you are the agent that the big time website operators approach. They’ve asked you to write about buying a home in your town. Just for fun, let’s say you live in a small to medium sized city.

What will you write about?

Maybe it will help you figure that out if you know what not to write about.

The last guest post I vetted started out gangbusters. The agent cited recent market statistics and anecdotes from her daily business. She even interviewed her broker to put some meaty quotes in her post.

Then, it fell apart. The second half of the post told her readers how important it is to work with a real estate agent, how the buyer pays the commission, bla bla bla. Then she proceeded to recommend that her reader see a lender to get pre-approved for a loan. This directive concluded her article.

This agent was given 800 words with which to introduce herself to an eager audience of prospective buyers and sellers and she gave away half of that virtual real estate to trite, over-exposed garbage that one can find on a million (at least) real estate websites.

Had she taken the time to peruse what the professional writers on the site were contributing, she would have known that generic buyer advice has been covered, ad nauseam.

So, what could she have done differently?

More local information: it truly is what people are looking for. She devoted only 83 words to what it’s like in her city. That’s one-tenth of the total allotted words.

Folks, people looking to relocate to your town want to know what it’s like. Nobody can sell your town like you can, so paint them a picture – in words – of what your city has to offer. It’s these words from which the potential client will get to know you.

Make every, single one count. Show your personality, let your enthusiasm and love for your city shine through.

Are there new construction developments in your city? As you know, these are the biggest buyer traps out there. If you’re going to lose a buyer, it may just be to one of these developments.

Use the valuable national real estate website exposure to talk about the new construction in town, where they’re located and what they have to offer. Add the caveat that they should hire their own agent before taking the tour of the model homes, and explain why.

How are the schools in your city? How large is the school district? I’ve yet to vet one guest article that mentions even one word about the city’s schools. Yet this is something studies have shown people want to know about.

Finally, the all-time biggest tidbit of information that buyers seek when looking at real estate websites is neighborhood information. Use your guest article or post to talk about the different neighborhoods and, if there is one you specialize in, by all means, hit it hard.

When you are asked to guest post on a blog or website, think of it as the ultimate marketing opportunity. Are you going to check its teeth like the fool that was gifted a horse or are you going to saddle up and ride it for all its worth?

Photo Courtesy of Justyna Cilulko

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