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Need Real estate blog topics? Here are 20 of our most popular

While doing content audits for several of our real estate blogging clients I came across something interesting. Despite the differences in geography, several topics prove to be far more popular than others.

Since I feel your pain when it comes to coming up with a blog topic, I thought I’d share the list with you. Feel free to use these real estate blog topic ideas (not the blogs, just the topics, please) on your blog. (We've linked to examples for the first five)

  • What your city is like for Boomers who are retiring (most popular topic of all, more than 3x the views of any other posts)

  • Tax information (tax breaks, especially) for homeowners (second most popular in terms of views)

  • Explanation of the backup offer (yup. . .the third most popular topic)

  • Divorce and what to do with the home

  • Monthly or weekly local entertainment calendar

  • Homebuying mistakes

  • Summer camp guide

  • Local businesses (restaurant reviews, etc.)

  • Community or neighborhood descriptions

  • Giving back to the community (volunteer opportunities at a local non-profit)

  • The 3 Most Popular Homes for Sale in [City] (determined by number of page views from your IDX)

  • News items naming the city for “best of” or other accolades

  • Seasonal home maintenance chores

  • Reviews of local dog parks

  • The 3 most expensive homes for sale in [City]

  • Where to go in your city for live music

  • Where to shop in your city

  • Thinking of becoming a landlord?

  • Selling a home in winter

  • 3 least expensive homes for sale in [City]

I was surprised to see that the explanation of the backup offer was so popular until I realized that it was posted during the height of the multiple-offer frenzy. It may not remain popular when the market cools down.

I’m happy to share the rest of the list with anyone who wants it. . .didn’t want to bore you with an overly-long list.

And, of course, if you’re in the market for a real estate blogger or real estate content writer. . .pick us!!

Happy blogging!

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