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My Big Fat agent Safety Idea

First, the stats:

  • Eighty-five real estate agents were killed on the job in 2010

  • Of these deaths, 29 were classified as homicides

  • Over 70 percent of the victims were women

  • Most of these women were over the age of 60

Most of the attacks occurred on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, in areas outside of major cities. Robbery was the most common intent, unfortunately though, the robbery ended in murder for 85 real estate agents. Most attackers used a gun, with physical force running a close second.

While writing a feature on Realtor safety for Chicago Agent magazine, I was struck by the fact that, while many brokers are offering safety training, the buck seems to stop there.

The gist of the training is that the agent is still basically on her own in a sea of would-be assailants, albeit armed with warnings to “trust her instincts.”

Brokers could be doing so much more to protect those that act as their agents, bringing them gobs of money. Seems like all they want to do is train – mainly how to bring in even bigger gobs of money.

Here’s my big fat Realtor safety idea:

What about brokers putting webcams in all listings?  Even if they aren’t monitored, make it publicly known that each of the company’s listings is monitored 24 hours a day by webcam.

Something like Yoics camera viewer or the YawCam webcam software would work perfectly.

Sure, sellers may balk at this idea, so at least put them in vacant homes and open houses.

Sellers can’t possibly take issue with this.

Just think, for the price of a bunch of cheap webcams, brokers all over the country can almost eliminate assaults on their agents -- if they are so inclined.

How about you? Do you proceed with caution when meeting a new client? When showing a vacant home? When holding an open house?

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