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It's been a minute. . .

Everyday I give agents advice about consistently posting content and look at my own blog. It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything.

I could tell you I’m super slammed busy (which I am), I could tell you I’m lazy (kinda that too). But that’s not an excuse.

The truth is, I have so much business right now I’ll either have to take on another writer or just be more selective in whom I choose to work with.

In other words: accept less business.

Not sure what choice I’ll make, but in the meantime, generating business leads via my website has become far less of a priority for me than writing sterling website and other real estate content for my clients.

Plus, when I come up with a really good topic idea, I end up writing and selling the piece to a client.

No, this isn’t a complaint- or excuse-fest. Just wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about you. I’m still here.

I so hope that your summer real estate selling season has been amazing. So amazing that you’ve been able to set aside some cash for the upcoming slow season.

Wanna see some of what we’ve been up to?

Millennials are starting to ramp up their real estate activity. If you’re targeting this generation, catch up with the latest stats that will help you laser focus on them.

Find “How to generate millennial real estate leads (it’s not what you think)” at EasyAgentPro.com.

Speaking of our favorite real estate website provider

Here’s a couple more over at EAP that we think you might enjoy:

5 tips to manage stress as a REALTOR®

3 real estate lead strategies of top-producing agents

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She has Other favorites

Is it wrong for me to have some clients I favor over others? I love all of them, but Lisa Gray at Prospects Plus! is among my all-time faves. What an amazingly nice woman. Easy to work with and always appreciative.

Here’s what we’ve been hammering out for her lately:

Real Estate Business Photo Ideas from the Pros

Don’t Make these Mistakes with your Market Reports

Increase your Email Open Rate with these Two Critical Fixes

Bios – our specialty!

Our buddy Kasey Jorgenson in Austin always commissions us to write bios for new team members. He must’ve been on a hiring spree lately because we’ve written a number of them. He even hired his lovely wife!

Meet Aislyn Crocker

About Amy Girouard, REALTOR®

Introducing: Crystal Long, REALTOR®

Not as cute as Casper

Gotta be the cutest ghost ever – but, can he write? So, we traded cuteness for the keyboard. We’ve been helping out a friend who owns a rather successful gardening blog, ghostwriting some of the more research-intensive posts.

She wrote out some notes on what she wanted in the two “gardening myths” posts. Those were fun.

Check out:

Blossom-end Rot: What it is and how to get rid of it

Epsom salts, vinegar and mist, oh my! Let’s smash some gardening myths

Help stop the spread of gardening garbage

Market Leader

iBuyer: What Does it Mean for Real Estate Agents?

Beyond Continuing Education: Holes in Real Estate Training

Real Estate Yard Signs: What, Where and Why

Agent blogs

Are you Ready to Stop Renting and Become a Homeowner?

3 Things Every Baby Boomer Should Consider Before Buying or Selling a Home

The 20% Down Payment Myth

That's it for now -- time to get back to work. Hope you check in now and then -- in fact, stop by our Facebook page and say hi.

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