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It Pays to be the First Agent In

The early bird gets the deal. .. wait. . .that’s not how it goes. . .but it’s certainly true. I have a case in point to share with you.

It’s amazing, really, that this happened to me – a national real estate writer – but it did, and there’s a lesson for ya’all in it.

Saturday, my phone rings. A very nice gentleman asks me if I’m some name that I’m not.

“Nope,” I tell him, “you must have the wrong number.”

“Do you have a house for sale at 123 Main St.?” he asks (of course I’ve changed the name of the street).

“No, I do not,” I reply as I keep trying to work on the newspaper article I’m writing.

“But your number is here in the listing,” he says.

So, ok, I’m about ready to slap him upside the head when I realize that this is an agent and he’s calling on an expired listing (I’m sometimes quick at this stuff). “What are the chances?” I think to myself.

So, I ask him and, yes, he’s cold calling on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Las Vegas, trying to drum up listings. I feel bad for the guy . . . and I am about to feel even worse because it just so happens I’m ready to buy a house.

I’m the WORLD’S WORST REAL ESTATE CLIENT; I wouldn’t wish myself on anyone, and he, unfortunately, is the winner when he utters the words “Well, do you know anybody that is thinking of buying or selling real estate?”

We chat and decide to meet on Tuesday at Starbucks (every agent’s second office).

Ay, there's the rub

Lordy, I love William Shakespeare.

Ok, the next day, Sunday, my phone, aside from family and friends, remained silent. Today, Monday, it rang off the hook with agents asking me if I am that-name-that-I’m-not.

There’s the rub . . . the problem or obstacle.

ONE AGENT wanted business so bad that he was cold calling expireds on the day the listing expired.

He didn’t wait until it was convenient for him – for MONDAY when he was back at the office.

He had the list and dang it! He called.

The 12 calls I got today were those agents who for some reason need listings but don’t feel they need to pursue them on weekends.

Guess who loses?

I suppose you may think me evil, but I relished telling each agent that called me today, that, yes, as a matter of fact I am buying a home but, too bad, too sad, the early bird got this worm.

If you aren’t making millions of dollars every year and you take weekends off, don’t EVER complain that you aren’t succeeding.

There is always someone else, like this industrious agent in Las Vegas, who is willing to put in the hours, who is willing to face rejection on the very day a listing expires.

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