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Dead Man. . .Dead Man Walking Here. . .


It sounds a bit like a scene out of “The Green Mile.”

Have you noticed how casually your buyers take this part of the purchase process? What’s sad is that it’s easy, when you are so close to the end of the deal, to allow them this relaxation. But it’s dangerous as well.

A Final Walkthrough Nightmare

I had a client a couple of years ago and I wrote about her in one of my columns at RealEstate.com. She and I looked for a long time for her perfect home. She was one of those picky clients that, although I thought I knew what she wanted, it kept changing with each home we toured.

To make a long story short, we finally found her dream home. It was a foreclosure – an adorable, custom painted home that you’d think most people would hate, but she fell in love. It appeared to be in great shape, too.

The transaction went well and it came time for the final walk through. Like most clients, she raced through the home, nodding her head. She was in the driveway when I called her back in to the house.

The stainless steel appliances were gone: refrigerator, dishwasher and cook top and she had not even noticed. These appliances were one of the selling points for her. She wanted them.

Was she ticked off when she learned they were gone? You bet. But she didn’t even notice they were gone during her final walk through.

Still, something gnawed at me while we stood there fretting and fuming. I couldn’t quite figure out what was bothering me so I started opening cupboards.

Finally, there it was: the former owners had taken the garbage disposer as well. Is this something you even think about on the final walk through?

Not me. But there it wasn’t.

The final walk through is the last chance your client has to make sure she is getting the house she agreed to pay for. Although both of you may be tempted to rush this part of the process, it’s up to you to slow her down.

Make sure she or he knows how important this last walk through is.


You never get another last chance, right?

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